October 4, 2011


Sometimes it’s not what you say, but for how long you keep saying it.

Chris Christie took 49 minutes this afternoon to fill out the meaning of his particular refusal, proving once again that while he might not be the ideal candidate for the 2012 GOP, he is unrivaled when it comes to endurance in oral activities.

"New Jersey, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me," intoned the state’s most prominently bloated form, just after making an impressively earnest reference to his gut and the feelings it was sending to the rest of his body. "Now is not my time," he added, before going on to mention "it does not feel right to me." To be clear, "the answer was never anything but no," the governor told distraught reporters, many of whom had not even had time for lunch.


Meantime, another day another win for the uncleaned masses in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti née Liberty Park: They have Mark Ruffalo on their side now. 

In other news, tomorrow will be their biggest action yet, thanks in large part to new labor union partners. “Momentum” aside, it’s hard not to worry — 99 percenters — that getting in league with the unions might ultimately amount to a tasty sip from a poisoned chalice.

Like their proto-Tea Party frienemies, “Occupy Wall Street” is now firmly in the mainstream political discussion. So there’s at least one “demand” satisfied. More coverage. More page and face time. Still, for a group rooted in “horizontal” leadership, acting with some success according to old-as-Orwell Anarchist strategies, the arrival of Big Labor and Big Media threatens to steal their thunder and replace it with more highly-charged partisan lightning bolts. We can understand if the meta-narrative here seems a bit, well, annoying to the people who’ve spent the past 20-odd days sleeping on brick, subject to intermittent whackings by N.Y.’s Finest. But organizers would be wise to inspect this gift horse’s teeth. There’s no such thing as “free love,” history reminds.


This is the most sensible thing we’ve found when it comes to understanding the whys and whats of “Occupy Wall Street.” Not entirely sure how they meant to align Situationist concepts with Tahrir-esque direct demands, but all the same, have a look, be smarter.


One late note from The Electathon trail. John Huntsman has revealed(!) he will deliver his vision for the future of American foreign policy next week in New Hampshire. In similarly important as goes things-that-will-have-a-bearing-on-your-life news, The Dark Fields will unveil its taco order a few minutes after it is delivered tonight, via phone, to the good (and, as it turns out, Japanese-American) people at Taco Today.


Winners: The Dark Fields! Our first prediction has been fulfilled. Christie demurs.

Losers: The Dark Fields… which now runs the risk of starting to believe its own boo-shit.